Rhino, National Park status for Jaldapara Sanctuary

12The Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary¬† home to a wide variety of wildlife, particularly the Great Indian One Horned Rhinos has been given the status of a “National Park”. The Jaldapara forest was given a “wildlife sanctuary” status in the British Era in 1941 when its area was 141 sq km. At present, Jaldapara is spread over in an area of 216.51 sq km and houses more than 160 rhinos, apart from numerous bison, deers, leopards and six Bengal tigers. Other animals found in Jaldapara include wild elephants, deers, swamp deers, hog deers andbisons. Within the 216.51 sq km area, there is no forest village and that is going to be the actual size of the National Park.